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    Puffa whaaa’

    This week-end I experimented with more ‘solid’ solid food, by offering G his first self-feeding snack: Puffs.

    For those of you not living in baby-food land, Puffs are sweetened puffed wheat that dissolves as soon as it hits a baby’s (or for that matter a curious mom’s) tongue. What they lack in nutritional value for the child, they sure make up for in amusement value for the parent.

    G was not impressed with the snack offering. He was far more interested in rattling and waving around the puff in his hand than putting it in his mouth. I helped him get it in there only to have it stick to his lip. A nudge later, G gave me a look that just said “E-e-ww! What do you want me to do with this thing?”

    And that concluded our puffs episode.

    The highlight of the puffs introduction was Neko lining up for his share. You see, Neko’s catnip snacks come in a container about the same size as G’s puffs. When rattled they make the same sound. They even have the same shape. (Don’t ask me about the taste — although Neko is always eager to eat my food, I can’t say I’ve ever desired to return the favor. )
    Anyway, I made the mistake of pulling G’s snack out of the cupboard with a rattle. Neko ran over from the living room. He lined up next to G waiting for his turn. Eventually he realized that there were none for him he moved over to the couch and went down for a nap.

    G gets really excited when Neko is around. He bounces his legs and stares in his brother’s direction. Neko still keeps his distance, but I have a feeling once there’s more food slinging from G the two will become close friends: G will send food Neko’s way, and Neko in turn will be a very happy recepient. Eeh, at least I’ll have less to clean-up.

    2 responses to “Puffa whaaa’”

    1. Esteban says:

      with 2 cats in the house, we’ve noticed the exact opposite. When the toddling beast walks into the room, the 4-legged crew bolt. Nothing like a drunken, tail-pulling sailor to ruin your catnap. But he (Bug) has gotten pretty good about petting them nicely and kissing them. Except when he points out their eyes. “Eye!” And then poke.

    2. Ariel says:

      Wow you really stocked up! Poor Neko I would have given him a treat too after all why should G get all the treats.

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