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    A post-partum belly

    As of a week ago my belly has majorly deflated (see 39w shot). My abdominal muscles are reclaiming their position and I am down 23.5 lbs with another 19 to go to get to my ideal weight (a little less if I just want to get to my pre-pregnancy weight). I’m both happy and sad over this.

    Happy because I feel like my sessions with my personal trainers (both before pregnancy and during) have really helped me recover quickly from the cesarean surgery and also get to this point. I know these last 19 lbs (and XX inches) will be rough to loose, but we’ll get there.

    Sad on the other hand, because I loved being pregnant and not knowing if I’ll ever have that experience again is incredibly sad for me. For the little things that I don’t miss about being pregnant (back-pain, having difficulty trimming my own toenails) there were 10 other things that I do (baby kicks, big round belly, lack of hair-loss, … sleep). I knew I wouldn’t stay pregnant forever, I just didn’t think letting go of the experience would be as hard.

    Taking care of G, though, is a full-time job which leaves very little time for thought beside the task at hand, so it’s a good distraction, and a good way to get over my sadness and rejoice in him being with us.

    G also must like having a fit mommy. I discovered a quick way to get him quiet on his crying sprees. Put him in the Moby wrap and then get on the elliptical — no joke, that knocks him out in a good 2 minutes flat! I’m hoping that by the holidays I’ll have my old figure back (if not the weight) and by the end of September I’ll gear up the courage to try my pre-pregnancy pants 🙂

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    1. Kirsten says:

      Looking good! That is great that he likes the elliptical – what a great exercise motivator.

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