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    Parenting is hazardous work

    We now have scientific proof that parenting is hazardous to one’s health… or at the very least one’s hearing.

    After several evenings of G serenades, during which S has had to break out the ear plugs, we started to wonder just how loud G was crying.
    Being who we are, it should come as no surprise that we got a decible reader. Nothing fancy, mind you, but enough to get the just of where G ranked on the audible scale.

    Turns out we won’t really know for sure because the application maxes out at 105dB and G was easily hiting and exceeding that. Don’t believe me? Hear for yourself 🙂

    Yes, my friends, this is the second installment of “Am I ready for
    a(nother) baby?” imagine this for 45 minutes straight at about 2 in the morning. If this doesn’t make you want to cry on your own, you might just be ready to take the parenting journey (again).

    Meanwhile I wonder if OSHA will be stopping by to issue G a citation?

    PS. In case you’re curious, this is what Tummy Time sounds like to this day. Alas!

    One response to “Parenting is hazardous work”

    1. Kirsten says:

      Bummer, but I love that you got a decibel reader. You guys are amazing!

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