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    Our little swimmer

    I’ve never been comfortable around water. Showers and jaccuzi’s sure, but pools and open water, not so much. I’m not a strong swimmer, hate water up my nose and I’m not crazy about participating in activities that make me part of the food chain.

    S on the other hand was a life-guard and has scuba-diving licenses up the wazoo.

    I wish for G to be more like his dad, so… on Saturday we took G for his first swim class.

    The class was kind of neat: you sing swimming adaptations to popular songs, such as the “Hokey Pokey”, and get the kids acclimated to the idea that they need to flap their arms and legs around in the water.

    It was heated to 92 degrees so it was pretty much a big bath-tub. G didn’t get much of the arm/leg motion going, but he seemed to enjoy it… mostly. He would go between splashy “fun” face and crying “get me out of here” face.

    All in all though, I’d say it was a good first try. We’ll certainly go frequently, but we won’t be making it a weekly activity just yet. We will be enjoying some splash-time in our own bath-tub though 🙂

    3 responses to “Our little swimmer”

    1. Jamers says:

      How fun! Well, maybe not for the “nervous around water” momma, but still…

      Have I told you how much G looks like my nephew did as baby?! Makes me miss his baby days since now he’s almost 3 1/2 and is much more “little boy” than “baby boy.” G sure is a cutie!

    2. erin says:

      Do I see a future Michael Phelps!?? 🙂

    3. Kirsten says:

      They both look so happy!

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