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    Our first 24 hours

    Our first night at home was, in a word, rough. I won’t say miserable, because there are many ways it could have been much worse.

    The night before we were to be discharged my mom called to tell me G was feeling pretty warm. He was running a low-grade fever of 101. We dosed him up with Tylenol and he went to sleep. I was hoping that this was only another teething bout. Alas, the next morning G woke up with a fever of 102. A trip to the pedi later, he had a confirmed viral infection. It was an excellent “Welcome Home!” gift for S2. I hate seeing my little dude so miserable, but I also know that infants and fevers don’t mix either, so S and I were devising creative ways to keep our kids apart. I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) just ship G off to get well somewhere outside of our home for a few reasons: 1) where would he go? My parents live a 6hr drive away (not to mention that my mom is with us now). S’ family is even further away; 2) I don’t want to give G the impression that now that he has a little brother he needs to be sent away (older model out, newer version in); 3) where else, but at home, would you feel most comforted to get well? All his toys are here, his bed is here. He gets well HERE.

    Needless to say, the brotherly bonding I had hoped for our sons is delayed, yet again.

    So S2 and I (mostly on account of boob necessity) stayed mostly in the nursery, G had free roam of the house as usual, and there was no brotherly contact (one of the rare times I am grateful that G is just not a PDA type of kid). Hand washing and sanitizing at every kid contact.

    Then bed-time came. G went down all-right. S2 got settled in his crib about 8:30. I went to bed and crashed out… until S got me at 11 because S2 was hungry. Get up to feed the baby. Go back to sleep. At 1, feed call again. Go back to bed. S relieves me w/ S2 rocking duty, and as soon as I hit the bed, G wakes up crying. Joy. I get him settled, walk into our bedroom, lie down, and G is up again. S goes in with G for the night, and I take S2 wake-ups for the rest of the evening. It was the best arrangement possible, actually. Finally after our 2am feed, after my tail-bone officially protested the duration I spent in our glider, I caved and brought S2 in bed with me. You have to know that this is a big deal for me. I hate co-sleeping with infants. HATE it! While I love baby cuddles, I am beyond paranoid about my ability to sleep with my kid next to me. I know it works for others, but while I sleep (and, yes, sleep better than in a glider), it’s not good restful sleep. I wake up with every whimper. I am frozen into a single position, afraid to move. Afraid that I’d roll on top of my kid. Since S was now sleeping in G’s room, I cleared out a spot for S2 in our bed away from blankets, pillows and the like. I put S2 down. As it turns out S2 is a “I wanna be close to you” kind of kid. Every time I put him within inches away from me, he would inch worm, so that his head would be touching some portion of my body. It was sweet. It was terrifying. He also doesn’t like being laid down flat (one of a few reflux predictors we’ve gotten by the way). So more or less, S2 slept on top of my arm all night. At 5am, the longest sleep-stretch of the night, I woke up and started to pump. Pump, because at that point, I’m engorged, and S2 just falls asleep, which only wakes him up sooner, and I hurt for the rest of the morning. I fed him at 5:30, and we went back to sleep, until 7:30am when I heard S starting to run around the house.

    Pedi follow-up at 9:30. Get out of bed a little before 8. Feed baby. Get dressed. Leave the house a little shy of 9.

    On the bonus, side, S2’s appointment went very well. He’s now 6lb 9oz. 1oz shy of birth weight. His height in 19.5, which leads me to believe the hospital measured him wrong: I just don’t see anyone growing an inch and a half in 5 days. And his head is up 1/2″.

    Back home, G is in a good mood. Fever is lower.

    So yeah, it’s been a bit of a tiring day. I’m hoping tomorrow will be better (and healthier) for us all.

    One thing I want to mention. My mom’s presence has been really awesome. It’s great to have another adult in the house. I took a 15 min nap this afternoon. S could look after S2, and my mom had G. And they swapped. She’s been making us some awesome food, and has even cleaned up our home. It feels awesome.

    A girl can get used to being spoiled like this.

    6 responses to “Our first 24 hours”

    1. Ariel says:

      I am hopeful you had a better 2nd night at home and that G is on the mend so that you can get more sleep in the next few nights. As for co-sleeping I understand your trepadation. I felt the same way about it and still do even though now Riley is a toddler. Ryon and Riley send thier best. Much love.

    2. Tiffany says:

      Sounds chaotic but I know that you all will find your groove in no time! Can’t wait to visit!!

    3. Kerith says:

      Delurking to say that I hope the next 24 hours were a little less chaotic than the first! I’ve been watching your blog with special interest the last 2 months or so, as I, the mother of an “almost” 2 year old little boy, find myself 27 weeks pregnant with another little boy. I read your last post and about fainted. What have I gotten myself into?

      About co-sleeping: I totally felt the same way with my first. Terrified, yet at the same time, addicted. We kicked our first out of the bedroom and into his own crib at 8 weeks old, but I still snuck him into bed at 5am every morning and we would sleep as a family until he woke up again. Then, some time around 6 months, he cut us off. No more sleeping with us. /Sob. Now I’m looking forward to that part with the new baby, lol.

      • avalikelava says:

        Congrats. It’s no picnic, but it isn’t terrible. I know that there will be times when it will be much worse, and yes I will want to faint myself.
        I’m glad bed-sharing worked well for you. S2 has been in our bed every night since we’ve been home. I still don’t like it, but I need to sleep to function, so it’s been a compromise. I’ll start working on transitioning him into his crib once we get over the next two growth spurts.

    4. Katie says:

      Our 2nd night home was BRUTAL too, and we didn’t have a super sick toddler to deal with at the time. Two is definitely much harder than one…but once we get through this first year it will be easier. Right? Right?!

      • avalikelava says:

        Well, having a 1 year old has a completely different set of issues. Can you imagine S and T running away from you? In two opposite directions? Or pulling on each other’s hair and biting? It’s that shyte that worries me more.

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