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    Ouch! That hurts!

    You wanna know what pains me? Pouring 4oz of milk down the drain. It might not sound like much, but…

    These 4oz took me hours to produce. 4oz that I had to wake up for at 2a.m. to harvest. 4oz that could make the difference if G shows up on the 3rd percentile, or the 1st percentile at his next weight check.

    Why? Because they were left out too long on the counter when G decided he was done eating. It hurts! Not physically, but it’s my mental anguish.

    For formula feeding parents, this could be the equivalent pain of going out to the store and buying a big Costco-sized crate of formula, only to go home and take it straight to the dumpster when you see that the expiration date was yesterday. And you can’t return it ‘cuz of a final sale. And you can’t go back out to the store for more because it’s now closed.

    Yeah, it bites!

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    1. oh man. I feel ya.


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