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    One year ago, today…

    … G decided he was done baking. Just when I was starting to wonder if I needed to have a discussion with my doc about inductions, he decided he’d outgrown his rental unit and needed to up-size.

    It was almost to this exact moment, last year, that I was sitting in the OB’s office for my weekly checkup as she said “Do you know you’re having a contraction right now? I might be seeing you this week-end after all!” I went from feeling nothing, to definitely noticing contractions by the end of lunch. Little did I know that 4 hours later we’d be heading to the hospital. I remember that day so vividly, as though it was yesterday. Despite what I felt were the worst period cramps I’ve ever had, (aka labor), I want to re-live that day with every fiber of my being. I remember it fondly.

    The year since has gone by almost in a blur. I can’t believe that 365 days have gone by. G is such an awesome, awesome kid. I’m sad that the baby in him is growing up and he’s now turning into a little boy. I’ve enjoyed the past year: the good parts as well as the hard parts. I look at him and have a hard time believing that the child I (today) swing by his ankles is the same boy that I gingerly picked up a year ago, in marvel of how fragile he was.

    So here’s some retrospective of the past year.


    My wish for Year 2 is that it doesn’t go by as fast!

    4 responses to “One year ago, today…”

    1. Adrienne says:

      Unbelievable how time flies! Loved your montage, and wishing G Happy Birthday wishes and big Congratulations on the First Year Mama!

    2. jenber77 says:

      LOVE the video! Happy birthday, G!

    3. Alison says:

      We love G so much, and feel so lucky to have shared in his first year with you guys. Congrats to all of you, and here’s to an amazing second, third, fourth… 🙂

    4. janessa says:

      beautiful montage! *sniff*!

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