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    Once upon a time…

    G was the star of his very first faerie tale last night. It went something like this…

    Once upon a time in a kingdom not too far away there lived a young prince. His name was G. He was generally a happy young lad, and when happy all the people in the kingdom said he was exceptionally cute. But when Prince G was sad, the whole kingdom was sad around him.

    Prince G and the Poop Faerie were good friends. But one day the Poop Faerie came across the mean Constipation Faerie. The Constipation Faerie was jealous of the Poop Faerie’s friendship with Prince G and the locked up the Poop Faerie in the dungeon of Colon. This made Prince G very sad… and mad. Queen Mommy and King Daddy hated seeing Prince G so upset, so Queen Mommy went to the neighboring kingdom of Walgreen’s to seek out the great OTC Wizard in hopes he would help rescue the Poop Faerie. The OTC Wizard thought hard and gave Queen Mommy a potion: The Tablet of Glycerin. Queen Mommy took this magic potion to Prince G and with it Prince G quickly defeated the Constipation Faerie and rescued the Poop Faerie.

    Then Prince G and the Poop Faerie were good friends again. And Prince G was happy, as was the kingdom around him. And they lived happily ever after.

    The End!

    Ok, this story isn’t 100% real, but it’s a good cautionary tale 🙂

    One response to “Once upon a time…”

    1. Kirsten says:

      Awesome faerie tale! I can’t wait for more Prince G adventures…

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