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    This is not the sight of a child napping!

    Look at this!

    Does this look to you like the sight of a child that is taking a nap? Yeah — I didn’t think so.

    This is G, just minutes ago (and still going) up in his crip trying to go down for his mid-day nap. And he’s having none of it. He’s been clapping his feet, swinging his monkey and generally having a grand ole’ time up in there. Everything but napping of course.

    My favorite part of the image? The pacifier stuck up in his diaper while he was rolling over. Classic!

    3 responses to “This is not the sight of a child napping!”

    1. Amy says:

      Is it a video? I can’t play it 🙁

    2. valya says:

      It is amazing how the life turn back……reading about G I remember you as a baby A, you were the same…When you have to take a nap, I had to sleep with you with my arm place over you to prevent you from crawling around…
      Well for most situations I was very tied (you were one very active baby), so I got asleep faster then you are and you were able to get out under my arm…..
      Life…Now is G turn to teach you all these tricks only he knows

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