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    Me? I wasn’t doing nothin’

    Sometimes I think that G will become and attorney, a politician, or be involved in … well…. how should I put it…. “waste management consulting”. How do I know this? Because it’s hard to get documented proof of G’s achievements!

    Spontaneous laughing? Not on record.
    Rolling over? Also not on record.
    Cooing? Nada.

    He has done these things, to be sure, but as soon as the camera comes out he sits and stares at it with an innocent look, almost saying: “Me? I wasn’t doing nothin’”

    I know eventually he’ll be doing these things more often and they’ll be easy to capture, but it’s not as special as “The first time”s.

    Aaah, G – why do you deny your poor mother the opportunity to embarrass you in front of future dates?

    One response to “Me? I wasn’t doing nothin’”

    1. Dad says:


      You G-rant reminds me of the Addams Family Values when their baby Pubert got possesed and turned into adorable little angel, so the old Granny witch predicts the most terible future for the baby. Sort of:

      “This rosy cheeks. this gold curly locks. He may become a lawyer ….., an ortodontist ….., even a President”, at which point papa Gomez fainted 😉

      Leave the kido alone. He knows what he is doing. His prime responsibility is to keep the diapers full, and you distract him. Shame on you 🙂

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