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    No! Nuh-uh! Nein!

    G’s practicing for the Terrible 2’s. You see, he’s working on the “No! No! No!” head-shake. I don’t know that he realizes what it means, but he’s got great timing at delivery.

    The other week-end we were out at breakfast and S had a great little exchange with G. I only caught the tail end of it, but there was a great refusal on G’s end on anything offered up by S.


    Yes, that is a Margarita S is offering to G… and the kid approves — yep, that’s how we know he’s ours.

    One response to “No! Nuh-uh! Nein!”

    1. Katie says:

      Sabrina’s been doing that, too! (I love when G & S start doing things at the same time). The funniest was at the grocery store, when the clerk told me the horrendous total, Sabrina was violently shaking her head NO!

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