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    My turn?

    Kittylove is right! I have been neglecting Neko here, so today is about him.

    Last week after I brought home G’s new activity mat, I assembled it and put G in it. He looked so cute staring up at the hanging toys and watching the lights. I couldn’t help but get the camera out.

    Neko observed all this from a safe distance (he still doesn’t care to be close to G). After G expressed his “Ok, I’m done” cry, I pulled him out. In the milliseconds that it took me to adjust G in my arms, I turn around to see this:

    Neko was sitting smack in the middle of the activity center, right where I had G. He was looking up at me, asking “My turn?”

    Yes… I guess it was his turn… so I snapped a few pics of him too.

    Both my kids are too cute.

    PS. I did vacuum the activity mat after Neko was done. That whole kid/pet-dander thing…

    3 responses to “My turn?”

    1. Thanks for sharing, I know Neko apprechates his moment in the limelight. I love that pic of him.

    2. Can’t wait to see the 2 “kids” together in a photo!

    3. Patty says:

      Too cute! It was probably nice and warm from G laying there.

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