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    My parents were hippies

    I have no regrets over the names we have chosen to give our sons. However, it’s becoming increasingly more apparent to me that S2 will forever have to defend his parents’ choice in name for him.

    Yes, we do get very interesting reactions from people when they hear S2’s name. We also get some “great” follow-up questions. Enlightening beauties such as:

    “Isn’t that a girl’s name?” (Actually it’s a gender neutral name. One of the reasons I like it. But besides an X-Men character, how many other Storms do people know?)

    and my personal favorite:

    “Why?” (Well, why not? Why Thomas, or Michael or Jayden?)

    Case in point: when I was at the pharmacy picking up S2’s Zentac prescription (yep, started the reflux meds already), as the pharmacist is giving me the instructions, he interrupted himself mid-way just to ask me about the name. Like I was lying to him for the label. And I’m sure, given the ethnic distribution of our neighborhood, this guy has seen some names.

    So now I’m picturing S2 in his 20s, standing in line for the DMV (or whatever else) having to explain to the person behind the counter that 1) Yes, that really is his name; 2) No, it’s not a joke; 3) His parents were hippies (not really, but maybe this will just make the questioning over quicker)

    S thinks we should come up with something really tame that he can introduce himself as when he gets bored having to defend/explain the origins of his naming. What do you think we should go with?

    3 responses to “My parents were hippies”

    1. Lizz says:

      He could introduce himself with “Call me ____” (insert actual name) instead of “My name is ___” and people might assume it’s a nickname/something he’s chosen himself? I’ll be honest, I wasn’t totally sold on it when I first heard it, but now I love it and can’t wait to see if he grows to live up to his name! LOL

    2. Libby says:

      I always ask people where they came up with their kids names. Sometimes I learn a lot about somebodies family…sometimes the answer is just cuz we like it.

    3. Alicia Dybdal says:

      We have given our kids “funkier” first names but extremely “solid” middle names… This way as their needs or wants change they can choose which they prefer to use!

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