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    My little man is growing up!

    G’s outgrowing clothes.

    You’re thinking “No, duh, lady — it’s been 6 months!”, but it didn’t really hit me until I folded them to put them away. I’d been shoving small clothes into a bin, until the bin filled up.

    There went the “NB” sizes, and the 0-3’s. He’s no longer a newborn.

    I’m obviously happy that he’s growing, yet sad that the time we had (reflected in those clothes) has passed.

    As I put them away, I remembered many of the outfits and times we had in them: the fancy baby dior duds; his “home from the hospital” outfit; his first baby playdate wear. It’s not just putting clothes away, it’s putting memories away.

    It’s bittersweet. ‘Nuf said.

    P.S. He’s 14lb 5.3oz (butt naked, pre-food), 25.5″ long and 17″ head circumference.

    One response to “My little man is growing up!”

    1. Kittylove says:

      I did Riley’s 0-3 stuff this week too, and when I put away a few of my favorite things I got a little weepy, Ryon doesn’t get it at all and sadly he isn’t going to be in 3-6 for very long. It is those darn BG 3.0 diapers, I love them but they take up so much room.

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