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    My Gray anatomy

    It was bound to happen: my first gray hair.

    The other day G and I had a “play date” with some Nestie moms and moms-to-be. OK it was really more of a play date for me, as G just tags along. As I’m getting us ready to leave, while washing my hands I noticed something kinda sparkly on my head. Now granted, the guest bathroom has an obscene amount of sunlight in it which brings out crazy highlights in my hair, but this looked different. I started digging through my head for the intriguing hair, and although it took me awhile to get a hold of and isolate, I got it. Then I yanked it out for closer examination.

    There it was: sparkly white, resting between my fingers. My first gray hair!

    I stood there for a moment perplexed: how did I not see this before? It was about 4” long. It’s not like this amount of white could grow overnight. Or could it? I then looked back at the mirror at the spot this hair came from, and right next to it was another. This one was long: we’re talking the full length of my hair long. How did that one get missed? I didn’t see any more, and I stopped looking. I was already running late and I didn’t want to depress myself before going out.

    Yet as I finished getting G into his car-seat and on the car ride out, I kept thinking about this. Could it be that these two hairs could be my only ones? Could pregnancy or labor hormones have grayed me? Could my brunette hair grow back from those plucked follicles?
    And… how did I feel about it?

    I realized I wasn’t upset. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I guess I was hoping it’d be later and I’d cross the 30 thresh-hold first. I am, however, a little irritated. I’ve never been a girlie girl. I don’t spend more than 2 minutes on my hair; I don’t do makeup unless it’s a special occasion, and I don’t have a special relationship with a hair stylist. I save a lot of money not having to deal with my hair, and now I’ll have to start getting it died which is not cheap. My “girlie” vice is facials. I get one (or I should say “used to” get one before G was born) every 6 weeks. I don’t want to have to re-budget my pamper fund for gray hair.

    So I’ve chosen to live in denial for a little longer. Undoubtedly I’ll spot more grays again, but until I do, I’m not running to a colorist.

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