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    Movie Monday

    (Yeah, it’s late, but YouTube was having some issues yesterday.)

    Here is how G goes down for a nap.

    G is one of those lucky dudes that gets to wake up and then go down for a nap an hour later. (I wish I had that option!) As such, he’s normally zonking out within minutes of getting into day care, so his first nap is in his carseat.

    We now replicate this on week-ends as well (faithfully) since it’s the only way we can guarantee a happy, well-napped baby.

    A typical nap goes like this: play with toys, cry, then zonk out. Occasionally he’ll wake up, play for a bit and fall asleep again.

    Please observe that when he’s out, the kid barely moves: occasionally he’ll wiggle a toe. This is why those motion monitors won’t work at our house. They’d be going off all the time.


    For those of you curious, we don’t have a video monitor at our house. Instead we have a $35 video-cam setup over his crib that streams to the web. It’s a good way for us to see what he’s doing from any computer in the house (even from our iPhones), and we share the URL with our parents so they can sneak occasional peaks at the little man when he’s in his room. S setup a time-lapse video capture on the web-cam the other week-end, so we can do little recordings of a day in G’s life. Cute, huh? I only wish the web-cam worked in the dark.

    2 responses to “Movie Monday”

    1. What a good little zonker! M fights it with every fiber of her being! (but she also fights being in the car seat too… sigh) maybe G can send her some subliminal calm baby lessions. Ha!

      • avalikelava says:

        Oh, G’s not a fan of the nap either — especially not when he knows something fun’s going on. The carseat is our trick to get him down. It’s the only way we know how in the morning.

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