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    Move over Gene Simmons

    I think G is working on his audition for KISS. He’s not so much focusing on lyrics memorization and musicality (although he’s working on those) as much as he’s trying to get the tongue action down.

    It’s pretty hilarious to watch, actually. He’ll go on for minutes just waving it around and chatting it up. I swear he’s singing. It’s cute. And really funny. When he gets going S and I will start laughing, and since he knows we’re responding to him he’ll give us a big smile… around the tongue still sticking out.

    Seriously, a little black and white face paint and we’re ready to take this show on the road.

    Eat your heart out Gene!

    3 responses to “Move over Gene Simmons”

    1. Kelly Marie says:

      Oh my goodness! He is too too cute. Can’t wait to see you all next weekend 🙂

    2. Mrs.K&C says:

      Sabrina is doing the same exact thing! We have to get these 6 month olds together again soon…maybe they’ll notice each other this time!

    3. Libby says:

      Are you aware that he gets cuter and cuter each and every day???

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