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    Mommy’s little helper

    Now that G is getting older, diaper changing time is becoming a lot more fun… for him — challenging for me. He’s really enjoying turning side to side and playing with the textured wall. His feet have also never been more interesting. He couldn’t care less about them any other time of day except for when I need to wrap a diaper around him. It typically means me getting creative, rolling with it and trying to maneuver diaper tabs around his twists and turns.

    Today he took helping me to a new level.

    You see, G being a boy means that unless something is covering him while nekked on the changing table, we’re talking fountain city. As such, I just drape a wipe over him to avoid free sprays. After the new diaper goes on, I take the wipe off, throw it in the trash and we’re on our way. Anyway… as I’m laying out the clean diaper to put a liner on it, I look up to see G holding up his pee-guard in his hand waving it like a little white flag. Cute… but not helpful.

    I can’t imagine what having a crawling/walking toddler will be like. I have crazy images of chasing a giggling, naked boy around the house and having to tackle him to put a clean diaper on. Humans are potty trained before that happens right?

    3 responses to “Mommy’s little helper”

    1. Rebecca says:

      babies are born potty trained!
      conventionally diapered children are not, and I have witnessed the chasing/tackling mess you describe…often they learn to take off their own diapers and spread the contents around the house too. It’s not too late to teach G what a potty is for. That takes care of most of the fountains as well (some people think they pee when their diaper is off because of their instinct not to soil themselves is still intact, so think of it as a good sign)

    2. Alison says:

      EC doesn’t really work unless you have a daycare provider who is interested in learning and respecting your child’s signs, however. I don’t think it works for most parents who work full-time.

      (Also, to say that children are “born potty-trained” is disingenuous because potties aren’t something that naturally occurs in the world, they’re a technological invention.)

    3. Rebecca says:

      It’s certainly harder to EC if you don’t have a daycare provider who’s willing to try, but I’ve heard stories from people who said it still worked out well and they had a baby who could communicate their needs at a much younger age just by offering the potty whenever the parents were home.

      I’ll grant that it’s an exaggeration to say that babies are born potty trained, but they are definitely born with an instinct not to soil themselves and most babies start out fussing before they go, it’s just that most are ignored and after a while they give up. Both of my own children clearly new what a potty was for by 1 week of age (well before the daycare provider would take over)

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