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    Look Ma, 7 months!

    G is 7 months old today. We celebrated this milestone with Corn & Butternut Squash (yet another veggie meal in his solids repertoire), walks in the park, and naps.

    He’s 14 lb 11.3 oz, and almost 1/2″ taller?longer? (what is it at his age?) since last month. His head has grown 3/4″, making room for his World Domination plotting brain. I can’t tell you what he’s planning for us, but I can say that it starts with putting everything in his mouth.

    In these last few weeks he’s become a little inch worm… unintentionally, I’m sure. He’s inching upwards while lying on his back: he plants his feet firmly on the floor, lifts up the butt and pushes up. He thinks the change of scenery is funny.

    We’re finally having some OK moments on his tummy. We’re a long ways away from tummy time, but he can spend almost 30 seconds on his belly before he realizes it and tries to flip over or scream in disaprooval. And you bet I try to trick him as often as possible.

    The side effect of said trickery, however, occasionally produces one pissed off baby. I mean PISSED OFF. He will start crying and as a bonus he now recognizes which of the two parental units was the culprit. He’ll whine for half an hour following, when the offending parent is in his sight. Kid has a temper and holds a grudge. I pity our future.

    He’s still a cute one though, so we’re still planning on keeping him.

    4 responses to “Look Ma, 7 months!”

    1. christi says:

      He IS the cutest! His eyes are amazing.

    2. Christa says:

      Ella hates it on her tummy. I think she knows we want her to crawl. She stubbornly flips to her back, rubbing her bald spot against the floor.

    3. Kirsten says:

      I love that he is recognizing which of you is putting him on his tummy. Definitely a function of that World Dominating brain getting bigger.

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