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    Lesser of two evils

    I have a cold (my first since I can’t remember when), and a child treated for reflux. These may not seem related to you, but strangely they are.
    You see, in situations like these as soon as my throat starts to tickle I OD on Vitamin C, gulp OJ like there’s no tomorrow and do a visit to Jamba Juice for a Cold Buster with an extra Immunity Boost. Unless I’ve caught something really nasty, I am usually fine the next day.

    But now with G, my personal cures aren’t applicable. Since I am his sole food source, I don’t know the impacts of each of the smoothie supplements, and OJ is evil for reflux.

    So I am here drowning myself in chamomile-fenugreek tea and water and generally feeling sorry for myself. I’m scared that G will get my cold, which is even worse. So to rephrase my question above, do I go for the juice making G suffer the acidity pain, or do I risk him suffering a cold?

    Luckily, S’ sis is in town and is awesome in caring for G. At least this way we can minimize his exposure to his germy mommy!

    Have I mentioned I hate being sick? Something tells me I’ll hate caring for a sick kid even more.

    4 responses to “Lesser of two evils”

    1. Stephanie says:

      You’re it… you’ve been tagged on my blog!

    2. Oh A what a weekend you guys must be having. I am sorry to hear about the insurance, the cold and G’s reflux. I know everything will settle down come Monday till then you are in my thoughts.

    3. Kelly Marie says:

      I might be totally wrong about this, so you might want to inquire elsewhere…but i’m pretty sure that G is drinking up the immunities that you are producing for this cold and so your breast milk should protect him from your germs.

    4. zoejean12 says:

      Yep, I was going to echo Kelly Marie. I’ve read (no experience of my own yet) that any germs that G comes in contact with and exposes to your nipples, they tell your body what to make to counter them. Your body will made the right immunities to help keep him as healthy as possible! I really hope all of that is true and G doesn’t get sick at all!!

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