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    I’ve gots me a chomper!

    G has a tooth! A real one. Of his very own. Front and center on the bottom (bottom left incisor).

    How did I not even notice?

    This is not the makings of a tooth. It’s broken through the gum line already.

    Point 1 for oblivious parent over here. I guess this would explain why he was chomping on a pacifier lately — something he’d never done before.

    I think a second one, one of his lateral incisors, is also on it’s way. I guess it’s time to shove some teethers in the freezer and have the baby Tylenol and teething tablets on stand-by.

    5 responses to “I’ve gots me a chomper!”

    1. StefK says:

      Aww, what a great photo! When I first saw it, I immediately started beaming ear to ear and my husband was like “what’s up?”…he’s so cute, and his tooth is super duper cute!

    2. Rebecca says:

      Sounds like you have one of those mythical babies who teething doesn’t bother, they do exist!

      You deserve it after all the reflux, etc. I hope the trend continues.

      I on the other hand, have gone through a couple bottles of teething tablets in the last month…

    3. Kirsten says:

      That is a great photo – he looks very proud of himself 🙂

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