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    But all I wanted was some reassurance :(

    G’s about to get a Nutritionist added to his team of health care providers. Why, you may ask? Well, let me tell you.

    If you’ve been following G’s story for awhile, you know that I am very sensitive about his weight. I’ve reconciled that he’ll be a 3rd percentile, babe as long as he stays on the visible curve. I jokingly call him my Skinny Minny, but given his history of weight-loss and my supply drama, I’m really watchful over how much he eats. This is why for the past two weeks I’ve been on “Orange Alert” as G has brought home half of his food each day from daycare.

    G normally nurses morning and evenings and gets 24oz of milk, bottled through the day. In addition he’ll eat 1-1.5 jars of Stage 2 solids. Instead, he’s been nursing only once, taking 12-16oz and at most half a jar of solids. As this coincided with his crawling, at first I thought it was normal (you know, wanting to move around instead of eat). However the fact that this has gone on for more than a week paired with the fact that he hasn’t gained any weight in over a month, made me decide to call his pediatrician.

    Honestly I expected a conversation with an advice nurse with some reassurance that this is normal for G’s age. Instead I got an appointment with G’s doctor, a lengthy conversation, and a referral to see a nutritionist. I had the preliminary nutritionist phone interview yesterday (where they filter the overly paranoid parents from the ones that really need an appointment). The specialist informed me irregardless of food intake, it’s not normal to not gain any weight as for as long as G has, and the food reduction was not normal for his current age group. So, she recommended a feeding study.

    I’m waiting for the scheduling people to call me so that we can book an appointment. I’m also going to need to call Aetna to confirm that it’s covered by insurance (and if not what this will cost). I’d like to think that this is covered, but lactation consultations aren’t, even when G was loosing weight back in Dec. Who knows what excuse they’ll give me for the nutritionist referral. Ugh, I’m so not looking forward to more insurance company drama.

    I’m glad that we’re getting this attention, but really, all I wanted was some platitude and a pat on the head telling me I’m being too paranoid. Stay tuned…

    5 responses to “But all I wanted was some reassurance :(”

    1. Rebecca says:

      So I don’t know if it’s reassuring or not, but James hardly grew between 5 and 12 months.. between 4-5 months he hit 17 lbs and by his birthday was still not quite 19lbs… his solid intake also dropped somewhere around 10-11 months, but I can’t say what his breast milk intake did since I almost never pumped… then between 1-2 years he got taller and skinnier and still gained very slowly, maybe 23 lbs or so by his 2nd birthday?

    2. Katie says:

      I totally know the feeling of, ‘Oh, hey…I was just mentioning it, no need to call the specialist!”. It sucks, I’m sorry you are heading down that road.

      Sabrina just flat out stopped allowing us to spoon feed her once she decided she was no longer a baby and would consume only table food.

      • avalikelava says:

        Yeah, he’s not interested in putting any food in his mouth on his own. He knows it’s food, and if I hand it to him, he’ll eat it, but he won’t take the initiative to self feed. He’s wierd 🙂 It’s another thing the doc wanted to check out.

    3. Libby says:

      Another avenue is actually a speech therepist. I had a friend with similar issues and she took her son there and it helped. Honestly I am not sure what the dealio/connection is but I guess its fairly common to go to them also or instead of a nutritionalist.

      Still like my JLK he is small but she feels better about it! And G has a small mama so its not insane that he be a smaller fella. He’s so cute it wont even matter and I figure hey we get longer wear out of their clothes with out tiny ones

    4. becoming-mom says:

      As a mom of a baby on the lower end of the weight curve I can totally sympathize 🙁 Jasper pretty much dislikes eating of all kinds, though thankfully he’s gotten much better about breastfeeding for more than a minute or two. Sometimes I wonder if he doesn’t still have reflux and I keep toying with the idea of taking him back to the ENT to get the scope so he can tell me if his esophagus is red.

      I hope the nutritionist has some insights for you!

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