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    I want a do-over

    G is now 5 months old. Amazing how time flies, huh? He is such a sweet little guy.

    In honor of this milestone, I’ve decided that I want a do-over! I want to re-live the first 4 months all over-again. I’m not talking about having another child, I want to do-over of my time with G.

    I just feel that we know so much more now, about him, about ourselves that I just know we could do it better if we had the chance. And we’ll have more fun.

    What would I change?

    1. Enforced nap-time.  G’s a great night-time sleeper, but still fights day-time naps. I could have trained him to fall asleep, but didn’t know how to.

    2. Recognized his crying as being hungry, or tired. It took me awhile to start recognizing hunger as a possibility for him being upset. And fatigue never even crossed my mind. Looking back, there are so many days when he’s get fussy, when all it really meant was that he needed some Z’s.

    3. I would have started pumping right away. In the hospital even. If there was any way I could have promoted my body to produce more than it is, I should have done it.

    4. Recognized and accepted the reflux earlier. There was a period of time I lived in denial. It would have saved us all so much grief. Above all, my little guy wouldn’t have been in pain for as long as he was.

    5. Started tummy time earlier… and stuck to it. G’s getting better, but still not a big fan. If I was dedicated to it more, and let him cry a bit more, maybe he’d be better now.

    All in all, I don’t think I’m a bad mom. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world, but I just feel like it could have gone better and we could have enjoyed each other so much more.

    So… anyone got a time-machine I could borrow?

    3 responses to “I want a do-over”

    1. Kelle says:

      dont look back, move forward. motherhood is full of guilt! as they get older, the stakes get higher. you would be hard pressed to find a mom that wouldnt do things differently if given the chance. live for the moments that bring you joy! you are doing a great job! (and the 2nd time around you will know what to look for-though it’s never the same game twice!)

    2. alison! says:

      HEY! No guilt! At least, don’t get so guilty that you are paralyzed about upcoming decisions. You have done an amazing job so far and have a kiddo who is a genuinely happy little guy. I don’t think you did anything wrong. 😀

    3. Ann Marie says:

      I really appreciate all your honestly… being a parent is really big stuff for me. And you being so open and honest with the experience is helping to prepare me for the range of feelings I’ll be having. You’re an amazing person, G is lucky to have you and I appreciate your mentoring!!!

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