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    I jinxed myself

    A week ago, S2 did the most remarkable thing. He slept for a 10.5 hour stretch. He went down at 7 and got up at 5:30ish. Then the next night, he did it again!!! I was stoked. I knew this wasn’t going to be a full-time trend, but it was promising of things to come. Sleep to come.

    In my rested mommy joy, I made a mistake. I made a mistake of telling a friend about S2’s feat. And sure enough; I jinxed myself. Since that time not only has he NOT repeated this miracle again, but has reverted to waking up 2-4 a night.

    So, if (hopefully WHEN) he sleeps that way again, I will be keeping mum.

    3 responses to “I jinxed myself”

    1. Ariel says:

      I often feel this way about R’s sleep. I feel like we make progress and I open my mouth to share the joy and that night he reverts back or worse. It sucks! That said if S2 STTN before my R does on a regular basis I am going to turn green from envy.

      BTW does wordpress time stamp comments, cause if not you should know it is 3:39 am and I am not up by choice.

      • avalikelava says:

        Ariel, I think you’re safe from turning green. And, yes, WordPress does timestamp comments. As a matter of fact when I first saw my email notification, I thought to myself “Who is commenting on the blog at 3 in the morning?” I then resolved that it was either someone on the East Coast or abroad… until I saw that it was you… and then I knew what happened 🙁

    2. Rebecca says:

      I would be jealous too. Heidi still doesn’t =(
      It seems like it always goes that way, you get just enough sleep to make you sane for a brief moment, then bam they get a cold or a tooth and it’s as bad as it ever was again 😛

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