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    He sits!!!

    Our little teeter-tot has been at it for a few weeks now, but I think end of last week he really got his sitting-groove down.

    I still don’t trust him quite enough to NOT get overly excited and thrash himself backward, so I keep a pillow behind him to buffer any potential fall. And it will be awhile before I sit him down on hard tile. But… HE SITS!!!

    This has been the milestone I’ve been waiting on forever. Forget the crawling/walking bit – I’m not eager on those in the least (this time around), but sitting, ah, what a relief. Let’s see – I can put a baby down so I can go to the bathroom, screw on a sippy cup top, you know… USE both of my hands?

    He’s also enjoying this new perspective on the world too. He can look around more, reach out for toys. All in all good, clean fun. And good photo opportunity too: something at least different from “Here’s S2 lying on his mat, and here’s S2 lying in his swing, and here’s S2 lying on his activity mat… again”. So, once I dust off the swanky camera and re-point it toward my brood, there will be some nice pics to come. Until then, woe at the “will have to do” of the iPhone cam 🙂

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