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    G sleeps 9 hours

    Post by S

    It was a hazy dreamlike experience when I rolled over this morning and the clock displayed 5:00. What? 5AM? Did I miss G crying for his night time bottle feeding? No crying was coming through the baby monitor. I needed to use my fingers to count how long he had slept – 9pm to 5 am… 1, 2, 3… 8 HOURS!!! Is that possible?

    Sure enough, I have the chart to prove it.

    G was feeding like crazy yesterday so he certainly loaded up on calories. He had a bath (see the crying picture posted by A earlier today), clean diaper, bed time nursing session, then he went to sleep about 9 pm. He woke up briefly about 9:45 pm with crying, twisting, and legs flailing. This is his typical fit that often wakes him. After a few minutes of A holding him, we put him in the swing with the hair dryer on High – He was OUT in about 30 seconds. And there we left him – peacefully swinging with the dryer blowing. I turned the dryer off an hour later and off to bed we went.

    Almost 9 hours later at 6am he was just barely stirring when I changed his diaper. He was wide awake for his night time bottle a few minutes later.

    This is probably more of a milestone for me than it is for him, but I love it! I’m not sure when it will be repeated, but I’m thrilled!

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    1. Rebecca says:


      I really don’t think James slept that long until over 1 year, and even then it was a fluke and he didn’t start doing it regularly until almost 3yrs old.

      I’m going to be calling you guys for advice in a few weeks…

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