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    Foto Friday

    I’m so hungry, I can eat a dinosaur!

    (aka, Hmn… tastes like chicken)

    Will THIS fit in my mouth?

    I kick it!

    Give me some old time Rock N’ Roll!

    Safety first! Dinos get buckled in too

    Does this scream trouble to you?

    Move along, nothing to see. I’m eating, here!


    Do you think I have enough spoons for my oatmeal? 5 good?

    Ok, who’se gonna clean up this mess?

    Nap? What nap? I’m not tired!

    My toes are the best toy. Ever!

    Nom, nom, nom, nom.

    2 responses to “Foto Friday”

    1. Jennifer says:

      Your boys are gorgeous and your fotos are awesome as always. 🙂
      Hope you all have a great weekend!

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