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    Foto Friday

    A year ago, I scavenged my local parks for fall foliage. I was surprised just how many of my local parks have ever greens. It’s fall, dang it. I wanna see some colors. Well, I found one, and had a really fun time taking pics of G amongst the leaves. This year, I wanted to go back, now that G was older, and take more pictures. I had high hopes, and grandiose plans that we could have a great photo shoot, again amongst the leaves, with G frolicking and throwing them up in the air. Clearly I’d forgotten who I’m dealing with, because the only thing that interested G were the fallen branches off the trees. Any interaction he had with the fallen leaves was to stir them up with his sticks. Oh well… maybe next year? But fear not, I shall not leave you without G cuteness.

    I love these pants. The rear view is just too cute.

    The park is right on the edge of the CalTrain tracks, so when a train rode right by, G went crazy nuts excited.

    Auntie P spent the week-end with us too. She read to G a bit

    And hold S2 (she’s been sick the last few weeks, so this was their first snuggle session)

    Speaking of S2, here’s Little Dude enjoying his crib mobile

    One response to “Foto Friday”

    1. kimber3744 says:

      Beautiful photos… he’s such a handsome boy! Love the shots from last year, too!

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