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    Foto Friday

    When S’ parents were in town we had some pictures taken for G’s 6 month birthday. They were taken by Kelly M Photography (who also took his newborn pics) and are really, really great. Can I tell you how incredibly fortunate I feel to have such great photographers around us?

    And here’s a bit of contrast from the last time Kelly took pics of G.


    & now

    Same basket… BIG difference.

    8 responses to “Foto Friday”

    1. Kittylove says:

      What a great photo shoot! I love the outfit he is in with the family, it is so cute, where did you get it ;). hehehe

    2. Shannon says:

      He is so cute A. I love his little petite features. 🙂

    3. Amy says:

      I could just eat him up! He is so cute!
      He looks a lot like your husband.

    4. Wendy says:

      I am missing out! He is so cute… can’t wait until I get to meet him… great photos

    5. Rebecca says:

      Love the photos =)
      can’t wait to see you guys!

    6. erin says:

      What gorgeous pictures (and family!)

    7. Beautiful photos of the family! You look great, A!

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