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    Don’t call me daughter

    G came home today in a cute little onesie… except that it wasn’t his… aaaaaand it was made for girls.

    Now granted, as far as girls clothes go, this was really understated, but it feels a little strange to see my boy cross-dress. The irony is that I love having him wear green or yellow outfits that are really gender non-specific. I get asked all the time if he’s a boy or a girl and that doesn’t bother me, yet seeing him in an outfit made for little girls just feels awkward to me.

    Don’t get me wrong: I’m not hung up on the boys doing only boy things and girls doing only girl things, but imagining G having been a girl (which is what the outfit is prompting me to do) just doesn’t feel right.

    So here goes: G in drag 🙂

    6 responses to “Don’t call me daughter”

    1. Lizz says:

      He doesn’t look so thrilled in the pink… real men rock the pink!

    2. Kittylove says:

      I love it! I was telling my mom yesterday how I often have to correct people who think Riley is a girl. I was even thining of doing a blog post with him dressed in pink, and asking if you others think he would make a cute girl. But you bet me to it I guess.

    3. Katie says:

      Why is that so damn funny to me? I can’t stop looking at that picture!

    4. StefK says:

      Bwahahaha…..you’re so funny. He still looks cute, even in pink bows 🙂

    5. Amy says:

      Yah, something about that isn’t right. He is totally adorable though!

    6. tyler says:

      I think he looks just fantastic. We’re always thrilled when we get boys clothes that we can put our little girls in. Yes, they’re only 3 weeks, but we’ve had enough pink!

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