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    Day 2 with S2

    Hanging with S2 so far has been good. He’s a major sleepy-head, except of course from 2-5am in the morning, when he wants to be held while sleeping. It’s made the last two night interesting, and I know that it will be even harder when we get home, and I don’t have the same bed adjustment flexibility as I do here (I gotta tell you, being able to do fully up/fully down/half reclined is pretty good).

    Nursing has been both good and bad. Having the breastfeeding experience with G has been helpful in terms of positions and technique (good), but it hasn’t madeĀ  the overall process much simpler. Apparently you can lead a baby to boob, but can’t force it to chow down. Case in point: my milk has come in (good), but S2 likes to sleep the whole time, so he’s not really eating (bad). He has an excellent suck, though, when he wants to: the problem is that he doesn’t use it when he really needs to.

    G met S2 yesterday. While, overall, their meeting went well, his visit wasn’t really what I expected. I’ll write about it in a separate post and add some video.

    Meanwhile, here are some random S2 observations:

    • While in the OR, the staff was listening to the radio (KOIT). As S2 was pulled out and breathed his first breath, “Killing Me Softly With His Song” by Roberta Flack was playing. I guess that will be our song.
    • S2 has a pointy chin. Don’t know who he gets this from, and ‘i know his face will change a lot in the next few weeks. I’m curious what he’ll look like already.
    • His hairline is doing this hilarious male pattern baldness thing
    • His eyes “could” turn blue. G’s eyes were brown from the start, but S2 has this deep-sea blue color to them, and I’m hopeful they’ll go blue.
    • He has hairy shoulders. I realize this is likely temporary, but his fuzziness is cute. And if it’s not temporary… well, we might need to start a waxing fund for him, just as G needs an orthodontics fund.
    • He gives my monkey toes a whole new level. I swear his foot is 1/2 toe. On the bonus side, he might not ever have to bend down to pick up objects. Trust me, this is a very handy skill to have, and I’ve been using it to my benefit these last 2 days as I can’t lean over!
    • His blood type is A+, just like his daddy. Kind of explains all the cravings for veggies I had. I swore to S, that w/ G all I wanted was carbs, and he has my blood type (and eating cravings), this baby had to take after dad. I was right.

    A sneak-peak of Kelly’s delivery photos are here: http://www.kellymphotography.com/2010/11/storming-in-the-bay-sf-bay-area-birth-photographer/ They’re amazing and I can’t wait to see the rest.

    I will be taking some newborn photos of S2 myself, maybe as soon as tomorrow if I get bored enough. I did some lighting test shots today, and I’ll show you some more of our little dude.

    S2 and his gramma






    He likes to munch on his hands




    2 responses to “Day 2 with S2”

    1. Lizz says:

      Huge congrats and love, S and A! And I totally see some G in the one above the “hand munching” one!

    2. Ariel says:

      Oh man the 2nd to last one looks JUST like G! Congrats again Ava, he is so beautiful.

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