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    Daddies can change diapers too

    Have you noticed that some places only have changing tables in the ladies restroom, but not in the guys restroom? What gives? Is the female gender the only one capable of handling a diaper?

    We’ve come across this enough that it’s starting to get to me. Three reasons mostly:

    1) In restaurants, I am now an opportunistic human vacuum cleaner. I have a limited amount of time to consume food with both hands before G needs to be nursed, comforted, or what-not. If I can eat like a grown-up without needing S’ assistance in cutting my food, I’m thrilled. I eat as much of my grown-up, utensil-requiring food whenever the chance arises. S’ 5 minutes in the bathroom changing G is that opportunity for me, and I relish it.
    2) I really don’t mind changing diapers… really — I don’t… but on an average week-day, I’ll change 7-9 diapers while S maybe 1-2. I’m not complaining about the unevenness in effort here, but S should be given the ability to do change G as well.
    3) If S was out with G on his own, and G needs a change, what is S expected to do? Go in the ladies restroom? Change the baby out on the dining table?

    So my new mission now is to call up management whenever we encounter places like this.

    And guys… the next time you walk into a restroom, look around? Is there a place for you to change a baby if you had to? Trust me — a baby crying ‘cuz they’re wet or dirty is much worse then handling the diaper itself.

    Feel free to join my changing table cause! Do you think I need to make wrist-bands?

    5 responses to “Daddies can change diapers too”

    1. Will Hutchinson says:

      I guess I tend to more notice the other way around – when a place _does_ have a baby changing table in the men’s room. I think “oh that’s thoughful”, but if a place has one in the women’s room only, I probably don’t even realize we’re being shafted.

      Although, to be fair, if I’m in an establishment’s restroom, it’s probably a bar or a club so maybe if they don’t have changing facilities it’s because they’re subtly suggesting that it’s not a good place to take a baby in the first place…

    2. Kelly says:

      I am so with you on this one. I’ll join your cause.
      Even worse than no changing table in the men’s room was the restaurant we were in a couple weeks ago that had no changing tables at all. I actually had to go next door to a different restaurant to change the baby

    3. EmWed says:

      I’d wear that wristband.

    4. Grammie says:

      I thought California was up and ahead of everything. But now here mostly all restaurants and public places have a restroom marked either family or either/or and have not only changing tables but the seat to sit or hook the baby while you sit.

    5. Rebecca says:

      We’re trying to avoid restaurants this time because I remember how much it sucks with a baby. I’ve been enjoying being snowed in just because it gives me an excuse to not go out w/ the baby…

      I agree about the changing tables though… there have been enough places with no changing table that I’ve gotten really good at changing a baby in my lap while I sit on the toilet… not that I recommend it, but it can be done

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