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    Custom order baby

    Have you ever imagined what your child will look like? Which features they would have and whom they’ll look like?

    I had hoped for G to have light eyes, my dark hair, S’ skin tone and my sense of humor.

    What did we get?

    S’ lighter hair, my brown eyes, my skin tone and it’s too early to make a call on personality… other than he insists on things his way.

    I suppose this is one of the exciting parts of having children. Adopted or born into a family you never know what you’re going to get.

    I also get a kick out of hearing people express who G looks like. At first I thought G looked a lot like S. Same little beak-face and long eyes.


    Now, most are in agreement that G looks like me. As proof, my mom brought a bunch of pictures of me as a kid. I’ll admit there really are a lot of similarities, but what struck me isn’t so much the facial features, as much as it is the mannerisms. It’s strange to say that I see mannerisms in a photo, but I can. The way he holds his toys, the nom-nom face when putting said toys in mouth… Proof:

    Hey, if nothing else, we get some reassurance that the lab didn’t mess up.

    There are also areas of his development that my mom says are very similar too. She confirmed that I hated tummy time too and never crawled. To make up for it though I started walking at 8.5 months. To be honest, as proud as I am of my early achievements, the idea that G could just get up and walk away in a month is a little scary to me. I’m not ready for a walker! I’m just enjoying G sitting up, and he’s not even doing that 100% on his own yet. I’m happy. right now. freeze frame.

    So yeah, it’s interesting to see who G takes after as he grows.

    P.S. My mom told me that as a child I looked a lot like my father when he was little. If G in turn looks like me, does that mean that he will look like his grandpa as he gets older? Wait… does that mean I’ll be sprouting a thick beard too?

    3 responses to “Custom order baby”

    1. libby08 says:

      It is amazing to see how kids look like their parents. JLK has taken on a lot of my mannerisms and that makes her look a lot like me!

    2. Rebecca says:

      wow, G really does look a lot like that picture of you!

    3. becoming-mom says:

      I could have written this.. actually I have been planning on it, just haven’t gotten around to scanning in the baby pictures though! I was shocked to see how much J resembles me when I was a baby.. everyone always says he looks like daddy. Nope 🙂

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