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    C’mere you foot

    … I’ve been chasing you for days!

    Yeah, G’s on a new mission towards world domination. It goes something like this:

    Step 1. catch foot

    Step 2. pull off sock

    Step 3. insert foot in mouth

    Step 4. take over the world

    He’s not completely able to catch his own feet yet, but boy is he trying! His “tries” look like he’s exercising and doing reverse crunches… baby style.

    Look at that content smile when he grabs one though. It’s totally the “Ha! Got’cha!” smile.

    Plus,  I love the look of determination he gets when he’s going for his toes. Man, he’s really obsessed with them toes! I’m not sure if he knows they’re his yet, but either way, they’re bound to make their way into his mouth if he has anything to say about it.

    3 responses to “C’mere you foot”

    1. Heather (SportyMrs23) says:

      Too adorable!!…He is just the cutest!

    2. Rebecca says:

      too cute!

      Heidi likes to grab her feet when she’s on the potty. I think it distracts her from the task at hand… those feet are fascinating!

    3. Valya Hristova says:

      He is working so hard to get the foot! He is look like you when you were a baby

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