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    Can I just get ONE puke-free day?

    I effin’ hate reflux! Every morning without fail Storm spits up. Big time. He’s perfectly happy about and it doesn’t seem to bother him any, but I end up playing “Dodge the baby-puke”.

    It’ll be one thing if he did it after a certain time of eating. Then I can predict it. Instead (and by no fault of his own) S2 spits up right after eating, or right after being dressed, or right after I get dressed, or as I buckle him in the car. The other day I didn’t even bother getting a shirt on for work. I just threw it in my purse and walked out in my pajamas. Just in case.

    G had to stay on his meds until he was 2. I was hoping we were going to do better with S2 and start weaning at one. Not increase instead. Arg!

    I also know that we are lucky in regard to this condition. S’ sister’s family had it SO much worse. Still… cleaning up after a trail of baby doesn’t feel so lucky.

    Oh and for the record, S2 re-enacted the Exorcist scene twice today. I wore it both times :-*

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