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    Do you miss trick-or-treating? Did going candy-hunting in your teens get you evil looks?

    Well… fear no more — there is a solution to the sad result of aging: having a baby!

    That’s right folks, you heard it here. Just dress up your baby in the cutest costume you can find (or a $20 cheapie from BRU) and take them door to door with a bag for your loot stretched out.

    No infant of your own? This would be a great evening to volunteer to babysit. You get the chocolaty goodies and you don’t have to share (works best for babies not introduced to solids).

    I’d like to tell myself that G is in fact getting his candy… I just have to digest it first… for quality control that is ;p

    G says “Roar!”

    Happy Halloween!

    5 responses to “Boo!”

    1. Barb (in Florida) says:

      Happy Halloween back at ya!

      I’ve been dropping by the website every now and then … I wish I had one third the energy, organizational skills, and motivation that you two have to keep all your online stuff up to date, take pictures of day-to-day life and not just special occassions, AND you keep a spreadsheet of G’s sleep patterns! I thought my OCD was bad :-)~ Maybe that’s the difference between being a parent and being a grand-parent?

      So congratulations once again … he’s such an adorable lion … even while roaring.

    2. Sally says:

      What a fierce…err, cute little lion! Aww…

    3. EmWed says:

      Awesome photo, LOL!!!

    4. Erin says:

      How freakin adorable!!!! Yes, he does look ferocious!

    5. Patty says:

      That is beyond adorable! And I agree, I used to love taking my nephew trick or treating.

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