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    Don’t buy 1, buy 3!

    S and I are realizing that we’re coming to a dangerous point in time in G’s life: toy attachment. His new favorite is a soft froggie blanket. He almost can’t nap without it. The problem? We only have one! G, being who he is, is happy to mark his territory with the necessary amount of spit-up. Going one day without washing is OK, but by day 3 this blankie, as cute as it is, begins to qualify for bio-chemical weapon status. We try to wash it while he sleeps, but if it doesn’t go in the drier in time, it’s not ready for day care the next day, and naps aren’t as pleasant. So tonight, after S and I confirmed that Froggie (blankie’s name) has reached irreplacable status, we went online to find a back-up.

    As it turns out, S and I are not the only parents that buy “back-ups” of their kid’s fave toys. The company is making a business out of it. Presenting the “Three of a Kind” box. They advertise it as a “Pair and a Spare”.

    I’m not quite so sure I’ll need 3, but it’s an interesting concept. The only problem? Their marketing department didn’t do their math quite right. Buying one blankie is $10. Buying a box of 3 is $39. Why would I want to pay $9 extra for a package I can make myself by adding 3 of the same item in my cart? Shipping and handling is even cheaper when you don’t have to deal with the weight and size of a box. Am I missing something?

    Either way… I’m now impatiently awaiting Froggie’s dopple-ganger.

    2 responses to “Don’t buy 1, buy 3!”

    1. StefK says:

      What a great idea! Although, the more expensive for the package thing is pretty darn silly. Still, “a pair and a spare”?? Brilliant!

    2. Julie says:

      Good luck! Ryan would have nothing to do with the spare. I hope G is more open minded.

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