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    Bedtime progress report

    Ok, day 2 of new bedtime routine. It’s hard, but it’s working [knock on wood].

    G’s on his second day of “no boob ’till z’s”, and being placed in his crib before his eyes are shut. Yesterday we started off with a fair amount of crying, but it was my fault for rushing it through (hey, I’ve always said that patience is not a virtue of mine). S’s rescued bed-time last night, so we’ve been trying his cuddle-and-bounce-to-calm approach before G gets in the crib.

    So we’re 2 for 2. I hope it lasts, although I know not every night will be easy or successful. I just hope that the days that this works will outnumber the days that it doesn’t. I’m also hopeful that by mid-December evening bedtime will be more settled and I can start working on the day-time nap adjustment.

    Did I mention this whole parenting thing is hard and tricky?

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