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    Does anyone other than me find it perplexing that there is such a thing as a Baby Dior line? I mean, I can appreciate designer duds (from afar since I can’t justify their cost), but why would you put your infant in a Dior onesie they’ll outgrow in a couple of weeks?

    Here’s the back-story: a local mom in my mother’s group posted that she had newborn clothes to pass on if anyone wanted them. 3 huge boxes for $25! I figured, “What the heck?” – newbie clothes can’t be in bad shape since the kiddos outgrow them quickly so it’s not like they’re worn out for wear. Well, first of all, the boxes were HUGE. I got rid of some of the clothes (a little too stained) and shared some with a friend. Despite all of this, along with the clothes we already had for him, I think G can wear a different outfit every day and still not get through all of them.

    What surprised me most of all were the designer labels on some of these outfits. When I finally saw the Dior I was floored. I mean who can afford this? These run $130 a piece!!! (Don’t be too impressed with me, I had to look it up.) The outfit was in pristine condition. I doubt if it was worn more than 2-3 times. Even if I paid $25 just for this outfit, I got a steal of a deal. Now I think he should wear it at least once a week, just so that I get the value of the $130 someone spent.

    So now G has his very own Dior onesie. He of course showed his appreciation for it by spitting up on it. He’s my kid alright 🙂

    4 responses to “Baby Dior”

    1. Kittylove says:

      OMG 130 for a baby outfit! You have to be kidding me! R freaks out when I pay full price at Gymboree for an outfit! He would kill me if I spent 130 on something! I am glad you are getting some use out of it.

    2. Kirsten says:

      I hope you aren’t setting yourself up for a kid who will only wear designer clothes 🙂

    3. I know… it’s insane they have all these designer stuff for babies… but $130 per onesie for Katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie is like $0.13 to us normal people!

    4. Jennie says:

      It is ridiculous to spend so much on baby clothes since they grow so fast! Dior baby, that is funny!


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