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    Any weight changes in the last year?

    I’m applying for life insurance. I’m covered 2x salary through my employer, which is good (as in better than not), but I’m realizing it’s insufficient for what I’d like to leave behind for G and S in case something were to happen. Additionally, I’m not completely comfortable that this is something that would change based on my employment status, and I’d prefer my own, independent coverage. Hence the applications.

    The application process requires a physical exam to be conducted by the insurance’s dedicated medical staff. I was pleasantly surprised that they’ll come to me (whenever/wherever), so I requested a week-end appointment at my home. Score!

    My appointment was this morning. The nurse, an older lady, arrived early (which is good given that you have to fast and I was hungry) and we set up in our living room for the exam.

    We check my weight, height, go over my name and general medical history.  Then she goes down a list of questions. Pregnancy? Yes, baby boy born 8-29-08. Where was he delivered? Who’s the OB? Then she looks up at me and asks:

    “Any significant weight changes in the last year?”

    Insert a long pause and blink here on my end.

    Not a minute prior we went over the fact that I had been pregnant in the last year. Meanwhile S is standing about 20 feet away holding G (aka the product of significant weight change). Having listened to this exchange S starts laughing… loudly.

    “Ughmn, yes I was pregnant.” and then we just looked at each other.

    I think it was only at this point that she realized what she was asking.

    I tried to make her feel better by clarifying how much weight I had gained, and the fact that I’ve returned to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I still wanted to reach over and smack her on the forehead.

    I do hope I get approved though.

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