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    And the winner is…

    My mom!!! No joke and definatelly no nepotism here.

    We had 42 entries into our Baby Pool from all over the world. The closest across all questions was in fact my mom. Her strategy? Apparently, to enter in the stats of her birth with me. I guess that works!!!

    The scoring process was a reverse point system. It went like this: the multiple choice questions you either got right or not. If you got it right you got 0 points, if you got it wrong you got 1 point. For the questions on dates and weights you got a point for each day/lb/oz you were away from the actual. The person with the fewest points won. It was actually a close call. 2nd place was only 1 point away from first, and two people tied for second.

    If you’re interested how close YOU got, drop me a line and I’ll let you know your rank.

    Congrats Mom!

    One response to “And the winner is…”

    1. Grammie says:

      Congrats to your Mom, sometimes Moms are really smart.
      I wish you well and can’t wait until I get out there to rock G

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