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    Action and reaction

    The other evening G and I were in the dinning room enjoying some Corn & Butternut Squash. Ok, he was enjoying it, and I was the transportation device helping deliver the spoon of yellow goodies from the bowl to his mouth. After the yummy yellow goo went all down the hatch, I left G to his own devices to play with his spoon. I don’t do it often, but I do want him to start getting the idea that some day he’ll be feeding himself. Anyway…

    G held onto his spoon and started waving it around. He did manage to put the right end in his own mouth once, but spend the rest of the play time just waving it around.

    I thought “Hmn… I wonder if he will put it in my mouth? Does he know that it’s a spoon? Does he get that it goes in the mouth?

    So I tried it. I opened up and went “Aaaaaaah”


    “Aaaaaaah,” I did again.

    And nothing still. G just stood there waving his spoon giving me a look which said “Woman, what are you doing? Can’t you see I’m busy here? (I’ve got a spoon stuck to my hand!)”

    That’s when I realized that he’s not up to the action and reaction point of thinking yet. It made me a little sad — my little guy has such a long way to go; but then also excited because some day we will get there.

    Until then I’ll be the cruise director navigating mushed food from bowl to messy mouth. Then will come G putting food in mouth: his, and if he’s in a sharing mood, mine.

    And then some day he’ll give me a hug. That will be a pretty special moment too 🙂

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