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    9 months

    Didn’t I just do the 8 month post last week?

    This has been an interesting month. S2 is no longer my “go with the flow” kinda guy. I mean he is, for the most part, but he’s also eager to tell me when something is not going his way. Like that “not a toy” toy he was just licking all over (for example daddy’s flip-flops): it’s the end of the world that I just took it away. It’s a bit startling for me, because his personality to date has been so mellow, and chill. Now that he’s coming into his own, it’s an adjustment.

    G and he still get along swimmingly. Now that he’s mobile, though, I expect to be singing a different tune next month. Still, I’m in awe with how much G cares for his brother. It’s the little things he does: like giving S2 his lovey, when S2 is being fussy. I mean, those loveys are a HUUUGE deal. I see it as the toddler equivalent of taking the shirt off your back to give to someone else. S2 in turn adores his brother too. Now he’s following him around and trying to get into all his toys.

    Night-time is quite a tease around here. He has slept from put-down until about 5:30am. However, he’ll do it once or twice, and then continue to wake up 2x/night for weeks to follow. I’m giving him a reprieve until his first birthday, and then we’ll start some sleep-training. It won’t be pretty, so I’m hoping he’ll get into the habit of falling back asleep on his own without having to execute on that operation.

    Lastly, I’m noticing that this child is a sucker. He loves his paci. Perhaps a bit too much? He falls asleep best when he’s sucking on… something. When he’s upset, his paci helps him out. I’m surely not a help here, because I encouraged this behavior. Now I’m starting to wonder how long to encourage it before I start to wean him off. I keep thinking “once he learns to self soothe to sleep”, but then I wonder if that will be too late. I don’t need 2 kids with a hefty need for orthodontia.

    Anyhoo… some fun S2 stats:

    Weight: 18lb 8oz

    Height: 28″

    Favorite activity: same as last month: drool, lick and chew anything that he comes in contact with

    Favorite toy: anything that is NOT a toy

    Number of teeth: 0 (my nipples thank you, God)

    Sweetest moment: smiling at his older brother (G loves this by the way)

    Naughtiest moment: 1) trying to roll off the changing table; 2) refer to favorite activity above and use your imagination. btw, have you ever seen anyone try to eat a stroller wheel before?

    Important milestones: Army crawl. Check!

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    1. Rebecca says:

      Such a cute little guy! Can’t wait to meet him =)

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