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    7 months

    Boy, has this been an exciting month. S2 is coming into his personality now, and it’s kind of fun to watch it develop. He is a very verbose young man and can go on for extended periods of time giving you his opinion (or sermon depending on who you ask). He’s not afraid to also deliver the same monologue in an angry tone when he’s pissed off, AND for your added benefit he doesn’t let any object occupying his mouth conclude his line of thinking. Case in point: hungry S2 that decided that the world was coming to an end because he was starving all of a sudden. Even with a boob in his mouth he proceeded to grumble at me.

    He hates clothes going over his head. It’s his pet peeve about getting dressed.

    He loves to nuzzle his loveys.

    He loves to sleep with a lovey covering his face (and freak Ms K out in the process).

    He still lights up when he’s in a good mood and is very affectionate. His snuggles still rock and he is now also happily dispensing kisses… at least to me. He’ll grab at my cheeks (pinch them really), pull me in close and then open his mouth wide against my cheek. I know there’s true love there because he shares his drool. And for those that know me, spit slime is “my favorite” (insert dripping, HA!, sarcasm here).

    He’s still working on sitting: he’s getting better, but not sitting on his own just yet. I have to remind myself that in his adjusted age he’s only 6m1w old, and he has a looong range to go, but this is the only milestone I’m looking forward to. The rest of crawling/walking can wait for as long as G took.

    These past few days, my little chill mellow kid has turned into a fuss-monster. I think this is all on account of teething. I can’t be sure which tooth is trying to make a run for the surface, but based on where he’s chewing, and some translucent sightings, he might be starting off with a canine. Joy! Those sucked for G. Perhaps if we DO start with those, maybe the rest will be easy? I hope.

    Weight: 17lb

    Height: 26.38″

    Favorite activity: Shoving his hands in my food and trying to see what he can swipe before I catch him. He has now successfully managed to misappropriate a s’more. I guess there went the “no sugar until 1” restriction.

    Favorite toy: a tie between the bee and Jacques the peacock

    Sweetest moment: Mama kisses!!!

    Naughtiest moment: blowing raspberry with a mouth full of food. He does this ALL.THE.TIME now. I think I end up wearing a third of what I feed him.

    Important milestones: teething’s on the way, and we have a whole lotta babble

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