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    5 months

    Let the record show that I am formally filing a complaint against time and it’s rushed passing of 5 months.

    S2 is a happy, mellow, go-with-the flow kid. He’s been a dream, and his smile just melts my heart. That huge toothless (for now) grin just kills me. I can’t wait to start seeing more and more of his personality develop.

    He’s recently learned how to blow raspberry (well, maybe “learned” is a strong term… more like discovered he can) and takes advantage of this. It’s funny to watch, but not so awesome when you’re trying to give him his nightly Prevacid, or give him a bottle :-/

    He’s holding himself so much better these days. I’m working on his sitting skills. Granted, this is influenced by my desire to be able to take his bunny blackmail… err, I mean costume photos and not have to photoshop our arms supporting him. I’m happy that he’s doing things at his own speed though, so I clearly can’t rush him either.

    This past month he had his first bout with sicky meds, after being attacked by the Pink Eye/Trush double whammy. He did awesome though and kicked both germs to the curb pretty fast. All while being in excellent spirits. I wish him to be like this with any illness, for his sake (and of course ours).

    We were also treated to a few nights of him sleeping through the night. While I’d love for him to sleep past 5:40, the fact he was able to go from 7 ’till then isn’t shabby. Of course those events seemed to be a tease since we haven’t had an uninterrupted night in quite a while, but it’s promising to know that he’s capable of going for that long.

    Another interesting development is his increased fascination with food. No, we haven’t started solids with him yet, but if he had any say in it we’d be starting tomorrow. He stares at us eating with great interest. I’m pretty sure if he had more coordinated control over his arms, he’d be pulling my food-loaded utensils away from me. So as far as child-led weaning, he’s giving me the signs. I ideally would like to wait until he turns 6 months old to introduce food, especially since he’s a 37-weeker, but I have a feeling I’ll cave in another couple of weeks. My first food choice for him? Sweet potato. Food mess here we come!

    Weight: 15lb 4oz

    Height: 25″

    Favorite activity: Bouncer. He got his first taste of it last week-end and is in love.

    Sweetest moment: Any time he just relaxes and falls asleep in my arms after waking up crying. I love knowing I bring him comfort.

    Naughtiest moment: spitting out meds while making farty sounds with his mouth. This does not bode well for solids time either

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    1. Mrs. Ziggy says:

      So, so cute. How much does are he and G resembling each other at similar ages? I feel like I can see a lot of G in the sitting up pick of S but my memory is flawed on what my own kids looked like 2 years ago let alone someone else’s. 🙂

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