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    10 months

    Man, this has been one busy month! S2’s developmental milestone calendar has been quite busy. Monkey learned to crawl, pull up, figured out how to go over stairs, is taking a step or two while holding himself up AND sprouted a tooth. He’s even starting to let go and is testing his balance. It’s really felt like every other week he’s gone for some new feat. Trouble, I tell you. Trouble, all around.

    His crawling, is fast! He’s a determined little bugger too, and has figured out how to go around his obstacles. If I stand in the way between him and the objects he shouldn’t be playing with, he swerves in a different direction. He cackles too when he sees that you’re after him and picks up speed, ‘cuz of course, chasing him away from digging his hands in the cat’s water bowl is clearly a game.

    Trying to contain him is hard too. With G, our step up from the living room into the hallway was a very effective deterrent for quite a while. I could close the kitchen door, and know that he wasn’t going anywhere. Not so w/ S2. He figured out how to traverse the step within days of crawling. We’re trying to keep the kitchen & dining room doors closed, but when G sees that his brother wants to get in there, he’s happy to oblige and opens the door for him. A bit too helpful, he is. His reasoning was sound: S2 wanted to get in. How do you explain that that’s exactly what we were trying to avoid? Child-proofing with a toddler around is certainly going to be interesting. I want G to be able to have access to the house, because he (for the most part) knows what’s OK and what isn’t. S2 doesn’t.

    S2 is also manipulating his go-go gadget arms skills. The little stinker has already figured out that if he raises himself on his tippy-toes he gets an extra inch or two of reach. Really, Kid, you are too smart for us!

    He has proven that he’s able to do an 8hr stretch of sleep, yet is un-interested in sleeping past 4am. ARG!

    Lastly, I should note how much this kid loves to eat. He’s so indiscriminate to food, it’s kind of awesome. And man, can he put it away. The other day, he ate a size 2 jar of baby-food, several handfuls of Puffs AND an adult size fillet of fish (from fish and chips), batter removed. Yeah. He loves him some fish, and apparently he went nuts for spaghetti at school today too. I’m pretty sure by the time he’s 1, he’ll comfortably transition to daycare’s hot lunch program. I’m about to move him up to size 3 foods, but it’s really a formality since he seems to do fine with grown up food cut fine.

    Weight: 19lb 11oz

    Height: 28″, but it’s not an accurate measurement, because he won’t sit still long enough for me to measure him.

    Favorite activity: pulling up to stand on… stuff

    Favorite food: puffs. Be ready to be attacked at the mere sound of the word

    Favorite toy: music table

    Number of teeth: 1 (with another one around the corner)

    Naughtiest moment: 1) pulling on the plumbing lines of the toilet; 2) chasing after Neko

    Important milestones: Crawl; Pulling up Stand; First tooth

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    1. KirstenPfleger says:

      What a cutie – and what a busy month!

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