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    Must… Stop… Over… analyzing…

    My last two days have gone like this:
    – I feel cramps. Am I pregnant?
    – I feel queasy. Am I pregnant?
    – I’m tired and ready for sleep. Am I pregnant?

    I know it’s early – there’s no way any of the above could mean anything, but I am so over-sensitive to everything my body does, I feel that sneezing must be some sort of sign. Not going to the local drug store and buying a pack of 100 pregnancy tests to use each time something tingles is taking FAR more willpower than I thought it would.

    I have a feeling that where the process ‘till now has moved quickly this next part is going to drag on for-eeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-v-errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    5 responses to “Must… Stop… Over… analyzing…”

    1. Evonne says:

      I have only one word for you, girlie:


    2. emeraldwed says:

      I hear ya- I would totally be the same way! Hopefully you can find a distraction!

    3. Hannah says:

      Hang in there Ava! We’re thinking of you 🙂

    4. libby says:

      Well I say yes you are pregnant!! I am thinking great thoughts for you..

    5. samayfield says:

      Thinking about you and wishing you all the best! I can’t wait to hear great news from you!

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