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    IVF Cycle #1 is underway!

    [Happy dance][Happy dance][Happy dance]!!!

    Over the last two days we’ve had two separate appointments with Stanford: one for the sonohystogram (SHG) and a second for a cycle planning and financial overview. I was not thrilled about the test (more on this later), but I was really nervous about the financial talk.

    It went wonderfully! It was smooth, to the point, the insurance coordinator had done all her homework — I was just waiting for “the catch” and it never came!!!! Our IVF cycle will pretty much be 100% covered by our insurance (except for the $500 deductible), and one of the meds. Boy is this a night and day difference over 2 weeks ago! I feel that I can finally relax and get started with the program.

    The SHG test was tons better than the HSG. It didn’t feel good by any means, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the other one. HE came with me and pretty much held my hand through it. Since there’s no x-rays this time he could watch (the monitor that is) and ask questions. It was sweet and gave me a nice little view over what the next 10 months (hopefully) will be like.

    WARNING: This next paragraph can be a little graphic. Skip ahead if you don’t want to know what an SHG feels like.

    …So, I’ve been trying to think of a way to explain the feeling of this (SHG) test. The best I could come up with is if someone shoved a syringe up your nasal cavity and expanded a balloon while on the inside and just kept blowing it up. Then they fill it up with water until you feel more pressure. You feel pressure and its weird, and you don’t like it and yet you can’t make it stop. If this scares anyone, sorry — it’s just the best way to explain it. The best part is being told to “relax” as this is happening. I don’t know about you, but having 2 people shoving stuff in your nether-regions while feeling this discomfort doesn’t exactly make me able to relax.


    Our new cycle isn’t too far off from the old one:

    • We do injection training this Friday. I think it’s 3 hours long because they spend half of it teaching the partner how to lasso the patient and then submit them into a syringe inducing position. At least I hope they’ll cover that because I think we’ll need it in our house. I HATE needles! I can’t say that enough. The nurse today was suggesting that HE drop some dimes on the ground and as I lean to pick them up he shove the medicine in my tutcus. I’m a cheap date, but some dimes? Come on — he’ll need to do better than dimes!
    • Our first injection is also on Friday.
    • We’ll extract the eggies the first week-end of December (around the 8th), and we’ll put them back around 3 days later (probably the 11th).
    • First pregnancy test will be 2 weeks after the egg retrieval. So week-end right before Christmas.

    Oh, in other cool news, we can ask for pictures of the embryos before they’re inserted. I’m so looking forward to showing off our little dots to you!

    So that’s that. We’re off to read, initial and sign a small mound of paperwork (in triplicate). Our unused embryos will have a living will of their own. Who’da thunk it?

    5 responses to “IVF Cycle #1 is underway!”

    1. Evonne says:

      Wow, this whole process is so interesting and it’s COVERED 100% (well, less the deductible, but that’s only $500). YAY! I hope the shots won’t be too bad.

    2. alibee says:

      I hate to tell you this, but your sinus cavity is not in your nether-region 😉

      I am trying not to think how cool it would be to have an xmas baby 😀

    3. emeraldwed says:

      Woohoo! Thinking happy healthy embaby thoughts for you guys. That’s AWESOME that so much is covered. 🙂

    4. Kittylove (from thenest) says:

      Wow 100% covered – 500$ out of pocket = Very lucky!

      I am so glad you guys are able to go forward with IVF this year! GL And I know you will get through the shots because it will be worth it!

    5. SweetieP (Donna) says:

      Just wanted to wish you and your husband a lot of luck. What wonderful news that the IVF is all but covered!

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