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    I’m getting knocked up on Dec. 6th!… well hopefully :)

    We had our cycle planning appointment today. Boy, are there dates to remember! Things are actually going to start happening pretty fast soon. Provided that AF (or my “relatives”, as hubs calls them) shows up on the 25th, the cycle will go something like this:

    • Call the office to let them know the moment cycle 1 begins. They will then schedule me for an SHG (figures out how big my uterus is) test and then an injection training class. We need this – the injections, I think, will be the most torturous part of this process.
    • Begin Birth Control pills on 10/28. Kinda funky that on the path of getting pregnant I need to go on birth control, but here’s why: IFV is the process of the Dr. controlling your cycle. We want to keep nature out of it… mostly :). The Birth Control tells the body to begin shutting down ovulation. Stio the pills on 11/16.
    • Begin the Lupron shots on 11/10. Lupron will put me in temporary menopause. In effect it tells me to stop the natural cycle of hormone production to tell my body when to ovulate. These shots have tiny needles and go either in my stomach or my thighs. I’ve read online that I might want to alternate placement so I don’t get too sore. These need to go in at a very specific time every day. We’ll stop when the Dr. tells us to.
    • Go in for an ultrasound making sure my ovaries are nice and quiet on 11/19.
    • Begin the FSH shots on 11/22 (Yep, Thanksgiving day). The FSH now tells the body to begin maturing egg follicles. No more exercise for me at this point. From here until the day of the retrieval, I’ll be going in for ultrasound monitoring every day. At this stage it is important that my body doesn’t over stimulate egg production. Luckily, I can do these appointments on my way to work.
    • On 12/1 administer the HCG shot, and this one’s a biggie (needle wise). This one tells my body to ovulate.
    • 35 hours later (or 12/3) we go in for the egg retrieval. I’ll be under general anesthesia during this process and home recouping afterwards. Hubs also makes his contribution on this day as well.
    • Begin the Progesterone shots (big needle that goes in my bum) on 12/4. This tells my body to begin preparing for pregnancy.
    • Go back for the transfer on 12/6. This is get KNOCKED UP day!!! Again, this is stay at home and be on bed rest day. We get to see the embryos too. How cool is it that we get to meet my future kid(s) today?
    • I go back for a post-op appointment on 12/10, and
    • My pregnancy test is on 12/17!!!!

    Huh… I just noticed – are there no shots between 12/1 and 12/4? Really???

    After all this, I need to be around for 4 weeks to make sure that if I am pregnant things are going well (ie, no ectopic pregnancy) and that I’m not going into ovarian hyper stimulation. It means staying home for the holidays because I have to be close to the Dr’s office for monitoring. I know that Kelle and the kids will be disappointed. I feel bad about that, but hopefully a little niece or nephew will be a good gift in exchange.

    So how do I feel?
    Excited – I really have a good feeling about this. I just feel like THIS is what will work for us!

    One response to “I’m getting knocked up on Dec. 6th!… well hopefully :)”

    1. Evonne says:

      Wow… all those shots and appointments! Kudos to you guys! I hope you will have the best Christmas gift ever!

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