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    And then there were 5

    The fertilization report is in! The phone rang this morning, ironically right at the moment that Hubs went to use the rest room. Believe me, this was one call I DIDN’T want to take. I was so worried I couldn’t handle the news if they were bad.

    So here is where we stand: out of the 8 eggs, only 7 were mature. Initially we had planned to ICSI half and let the rest meet sperm and do what eggs and sperm do. However, because of the low mature count they ICSI’ed all 7. Of those, 5 fertilized. 5/7 isn’t bad! I was expecting 50% fertilization rate (out of the 8), so it’s 1 better overall. Did you keep up with my math there? ;p

    Here’s what our embryos look like today!

    With these numbers, we’re looking like a day 3 transfer. We’re hoping that at least 4 will survive to Tuesday, but we also want good quality so that they’ll stick. We won’t know how many make it or what their quality will be until Tuesday. Until then we have some more discussions to have: like if the quality isn’t fantastic how many we want to put back in. Before all this I thought at most I’d want to put in two, but given how unpredictable this process has been thus far, everything I expected has turned out differently.

    6 responses to “And then there were 5”

    1. from Japan says:

      Yay! I am sending positive thoughts your way! One step at a time… I know it is hard, but things will take their course.

    2. emeraldwed says:

      I see a dividing nucleus there; excellent!! Sending truckloads more Nestie dust. Thanks for the frequent updates- it’s all fascinating to me. We’re rooting for you! Go embabies!

    3. avalikelava says:

      Yeah, I should note that the picture above is NOT one of ours. I wish it were… but it helps put into perspective for people where our embabies are in development 🙂

      We do get pictures of OUR embryos before transfer though. I can’t wait!!!

    4. alibee says:


      I seriously will spend half of dinner tonight squeeing at you.

    5. Terri says:

      Congrats on those developing embies! 5 out of 7 fertilizing is great! I can’t wait to hear Tuesday’s update. Your clinic will probably have odds and stuff to give you on Tuesday based on the embryo grading, so that you can make an informed decision (well, as much as that is possible when you have to decide right there on the spot). Good luck!

    6. Evonne says:

      YAY… 5 out of 7 is great, that’s like 71%… not bad at all. Sending tons of sticking dust your way!

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